Someone wrote in [personal profile] wankmeme 2014-12-17 12:40 am (UTC)

i will not be silenced

"i wouldnt be so cocky if i were you sweetnovember, did you forget your selfies are hidden in opparsecretmeme and anonymouskpop? lol"

you call me sweetnovember all the time, but i'm not her anon


"why are you here all the time"

i just am, and i could ask you the same question


"you couldn't because i'm not the over defensive embarrassing smurf everybody hates"

but you're here just as often as i am so the question remains the same: why are you always here


"who am i?"

you're the anon always asking how i'm always here, you're the anon always trying to drag me, you're the anon always talking about sweetnovember


"there's a reason why she defends gukmoo sis"

i'm not a fatass, i just happen to think hating someone for being fat is groce and immature


"you are always fucking here whenever there's even a WHIFF of that her name

and we dont hate her because she's fat dumb bitch"

you insult her looks and weight all the time


"- "im not sweetnovember!!"
- responds to comment talking to sweetnovember

ok be MORE obvious hon"

i have a right to defend myself


"i thought you said you werenT sweetnovember? what do you have to defend yourself against?"

i'm not. i'm defending myself against claims that i am


"you are too stupid to function and continuously in the process of digging your own grave"

you all are the stupid ones for thinking i'm sweetnovember when i'm not


"you are on a fucking anon meme, moron. all it takes is not to show your dumb ass every time sweetnovember is brought up and we won't think that. you are not obligated to defend her"

i'm not defending HER i'm defending MYSELF


"it's an anon meme. no one gives a fuck who you are"

but you do tho, that's why you keep calling me sweetnovember and bts stan

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